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About US:

Along with a very large growing number of people in the United States, we were  a very happy member of HAVVN.  Jus, DNA and Go Sticks are great products and we still purchase them and use them today.   However, we never intended to only be associated with one Health Product.  We have been very active in Health Products over the years and are always searching for good products that treat the Body, rather than specific chemicals that treat a specific symptom.

We are very excited about Laminine.  Whenever we can find a product that actually promotes Health rather than simply treat a symptom, we ask ourselves, "Why NOT?"

We have been taking Laminine for some time and the results really are remarkable. We hope as you are searching for Health, you find similar results with Laminine.  We are certain you will!


About Joining LifePharm

LifePharm is easy to Join and does not require a major investment.  With a beginning purchase of just 3 bottles of Laminine, it really is very easy to become a member of the Laminine family.  We invite you to join today, and if you would like a website like ours, we will be glad to provide that for you at no cost.  LifePharm  provides you a link with your profile into the LifePharm store, but if you would like your own personal Web Site that tells your story and allows you to easily point your Family, Friends and Contacts to your own personal site, we will host for you at no cost as long as your are a member of our Group.  We do ask that you do not use portion of the LifePharm, Laminine registered trade marks in your Domain Name or Business Identity. 

My Gout Experience

I have experienced severe Gout over the years.  After repeated visits to the Medical Doctors, I along with most Gout sufferers, was desperate to find something to permanently stop the pain.  I tried everything I could find.  The MD's wanted me to take pain killers and Allopurinol.   Allopurinol forces your kidneys to remove excess acid and would have to be taken daily for the rest of my life.  My Medical Doctor hesitated, as he said it can be hard on the kidneys and encouraged me to try to find any other solution.

Finally, I tried baking soda mixed with honey.  I took one teaspoon at night at least 2 hours after eating, and then another in the morning at least an hour prior to eating breakfast.  Within 6 months all of my gout symptoms were gone.  I then cut back the baking soda in the morning.  I sleep better, I can walk again, I can lose weight without triggering a Gout attack, and I am a true believer.

After two years using Baking Soda, I can't make any medical claims that will get me sued by the Pharmaceutical Companies, but my blood pressure is actually down and I haven't had a gout attack.   If you are struggling with gout, try using Baking Soda.  I continually take a teaspoon with honey at night about 15 minutes prior to going to bed.  It works for me.


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